Country Music Artists

Country Music Artists

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We can divide the history of Country Music Artists into six generations, and currently, we are in the 6th generation (the 2000s to present) of country music, Country Music established in 1920 and until now we are enjoying the taste of the country genre, and let’s find out the popular country music artists of history. So obviously we have to go through the first generation to the sixth generation, The term country music gained its popularity in the 1940s in preference to hillbilly music. But The first generation emerged in the 1920s and till 1930, second-generation (1930s–1940s), third-generation (1950s–1960s), Fourth generation (1970s–1980s), fifth-generation (1990s-2000s)and then it’s our current generation.
What would be the history of country music? Well, let’s find out! Vernon Dalhart was the first country star to have a major hit record in May 1924. The first commercial recordings of what was considered music within the traditional country style were “Arkansas Traveler” and “Turkey in straw” and also the primary recording of what is widely considered to be the first country song involving vocals and lyrics. In April 1924, Samantha Bumgarner and Eva Davis became the first female musicians to record and release country songs. In classical country music, many hillbilly musicians, such as Cliff Carlisle, recorded blues songs throughout the decade and into the 1930s. Other important county music recording artist were: Riley Puckett, Don Richardson, Fiddlin John Carson, Uncle Dave Macon, Al Hopkins, Ernest V.Stoneman, Blind Alfred Reed, Charlie Poole and therefore the North Caroline Ramblers and the Skillet Lickers.
Jimmie Rodgers and the Carter Family are widely considered to be important early country musicians. Their songs were first captured at a historic recording session in Bristol, Tennessee, on August 1, 1927.
Well now let’s remind some names of country music artists in the early 1980s. Larry Gatlin, Crystals Gayle, Terri Gibbs, Mickey Gilley, Vern Gosdin, Lee Greenwood, Merle Haggard, Emmylou Harris, Freddie Hart, Waylon Jennings, George Jones, The Judds, Chris LeDoux, Johnny Lee, Patty Loveless, Loretta Lynn, Barbara Mandrell, Irlene Mandrel, Louise Mandrell, etc. These country stars represent very different country music styles, from traditional and Contemporary country to rock and alternative. You will find the most famous legends like johnny cash, Willie Nelson, John Denver, And the most popular singers from this moment like George Strait, Keith Urban, Tim McGraw, Brad Paisley, Kenny Chesney, Toby Keith, Hank Williams Jr, Garth Brooks, Randy Travis, and Vince Gill.
Christian Country music, sometimes marketed as country gospel, the inspirational country is country music that is written to express either personal or communal belief regarding Christian life as well as to provides a Christian alternative to mainstream secular music. I’m sure you’ll have a brief idea of what Christian country music (CCM) is.
Moreover, let’s know what Texas country music is. so what is Texas country music? It is a rapidly growing subgenre of country and western from Texas. Texas country is a unique style of Western music and is often associated with other distinct neighbour’s styles. so now who are the Texas country musicians? Jerry Abbott, Ariel Abshire, Kay Adams, Daniele Alexander, Duane Allen, Jules Verne Allen, Terry Allen, Ruby Almond, Tommy Allsup, Tommy Alverson, etc.
We have mentioned few big names below, If we have missed your favourite artist, let us know in the comment section below
First Generation(1920s-1930s)

  1. Vernon Dalhart
  2. Jimmie Rodgers
  3. Riley Puckett
  4. Don Richardson
  5. Fiddlin’ John Carson
  6. Uncle Dave Macon
    Second Generation(1930s-1940s)
  7. Hank Williams
  8. Johnny Barfield
  9. Roy Acuff
  10. Gene Autry
  11. Patsy Montana
  12. Ernest Tubb
    3rd Generation(1950s-1960s)
  13. Johnny Cash
  14. Ray Price
  15. Marty Robbins
  16. Johnny Horton
  17. Chet Atkins
  18. Tammy Wynette
    4th Generation (the 1970s-1980s)
  19. John Denver
  20. Dolly Parton
  21. Glen Campbell
  22. Bobbie Gentry
  23. Dave Dudley
  24. Keith Whitley
    5th Generation (the 1990s-2000s)
  25. George Strait
  26. Alan Jackson
  27. Garth Brooks
  28. Reba McEntire
  29. Patty Loveless
  30. Faith Hill
    6th Generation (2000s-Present)
  31. Josh Gracin
  32. Bucky Covington
  33. Florida Georgia Line
  34. Carrie Underwood
  35. Taylor Swift
  36. Miranda Lambert
    “Keep calm and stay country”……

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